About Us

’’Leadership in Biodegradable Products” Water Tanks, Medical, Food and Personal Products

Vision and Mission

VISION: Be recognized as a world class for Medical and Bio Products assembly & Fabrication, totally integrated for bio Products made with Bio-Plastics, satisfying any biodegradable and disposable products for our customers, being part of the globalization sourcing of skills and bio-technology application.

MISSION: Be the number one supplier of different Bio products for food and medical applications, meeting the requirements of our customers focused on reducing the contamination of plastics in the world and being replaced by our bio-degradable products contributing to the reduction or elimination of the contamination of plastics.

“Our Quality System”

  • Control Plan
  • MSA
  • SPC

    All requirements needed for Bio Products for Commercial and Medical Applications.​


  • Value our Environment
  • Value our Life
  • Value our Flora & Fauna
  • Value Future Life

Biodegradable Medical-Food-Packing Products


FOOD & Medical Distribution and Fabrication

  • Water Tanks 1100 and 750 Liters
  • Plane Plates and 3 Division Plates  Fabrication with Cornstarch and PP Anaerobic Biodegradable material. 
  • Biodegradable Plastic Bags
  • 3 Layers Non Woven Mask
  • Straw made with Cornstarch, PP-Anaerobic Biodegradable material
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